State of the State Rebuttal

Listen to Gov. Walker’s State of the State message Wednesday night January 22nd 7pm, on public television. We are having a SOS Rebuttal event at the Wausau Labor Temple on Friday, January 24th. Take notes! Contact email for information on how to attend.

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Office Reopens

The Marathon County Democratic Office in Rm 4 Wausau Labor Temple 318 S. Third Avenue is reopening for the 2014 Campaign Season. At this time staff are there from 9am to noon on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Stop in to see what’s happening. We have issue buttons They’re helpful for starting conversations.

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Wisconsin Valley Fair

The Marathon County Democratic Party will have a booth at the Wisconsin Valley Fair, Wausau, from Tuesday, July 30th through Sunday, August 4th.  Stop by and visit us. We’ll have some good information on how to sign up for the Affordable Care Act Marketplace Insurances (Obamacare) in October. and some cool new buttons and fans.

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2013 Wisconsin Democratic Convention

Mike Tate was re-elected Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Our neighbor in Merrill, Melissa Schroeder, was re-elected 1st Vice Chair.  Jeff Christensen, elected 2nd Vice Chair, is the brother of the officer that was beaten so badly in our jail.  He wants to help with our county elections. Rick and Joyce Lohr’s daughter, Tonya, was elected Vice Chair of the state-wide County Chairs Association.  Nancy Stencil, unfortunately, was defeated in the election for Vice Chair of the Women’s Caucus, but remains our representative. Nate Timm, who some of you know as a grassroots organizer, was elected Chair of the Rural Caucus.  Rick St Germain, of the Native American Caucus, invited us to come as a group to visit the Penokee Hills settlement they’ve established.  A road trip may be in order if there is interest.  All of our resolutions were passed. There also was an interesting one passed that supported the “right to die”.  The Convention next year will be in Wisconsin Dells.  We’ll have more information from the delegates at the June 20th meeting.

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by Jeff Johnson, Marathon Co Dems Chair

Four years ago the U.S. was losing 800,000 jobs per month, the worldwide financial system was on the brink of collapse, the Dow Jones had fallen to 6500, GM and Chrysler were on the edge of going out of business, we were involved in 2 wars and Osama Bin Laden was still alive. After almost four years with President Obama in the oval office the U.S. has added (on average) more than 150,000 new private sector jobs for 32 straight months, with financial reforms the banking system is stable, the Dow Jones is over 13,000, GM and Chrysler are making cars and money, we no longer have troops in Iraq and are scheduled to leave Afghanistan in 2014 and Osama Bin Laden is dead. To call the Obama presidency a failure is ludicrous.

Voters should also keep in mind that the leader of the Republican senate clearly stated in 2010 that their major objective was to make President Obama a one term president. At every turn they have obstructed jobs bills or any legislation that would help the country get moving again. In the Senate a record number of filibusters were used. In the Republican controlled House of Representatives they found time to vote 33 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act but no time for any jobs bills. The Republicans in charge made a conscious decision to do what they could to depress the economy all the while blaming the President for the slow recovery. Over the past two years they have put party before country time and time again.

How this presidential election is even close is baffling. Mitt Romney has literally taken every side of every issue, on camera, for all to see. I heard that the apple growers association has developed a revolutionary apple that has no core, they call it the Romney. The only thing that Mr. Romney has been consistent on is that he wants to be president. He has pandered shamelessly to whatever crowd he is in front of. He was pro choice, then pro life, but the reality is that he is multiple choice, and his option is always to tell people whatever they want to hear. When in front of rich donors paying $50,000 a plate at a fundraiser he writes off 47% of Americans as “takers”.

Over the past three weeks he has resurrected an old persona, “Moderate Mitt” the same man that ran for and won the governorship of Massachusetts. The polling data from Massachusetts shows him losing by 25 percentage points. Those that know him best, the citizens of Massachusetts, know better than to trust him in the oval office. That should say something to anyone that is paying attention. He is now running the same campaign that he ran in Massachusetts; it is a “trust me” campaign. It is not working in Massachusetts and it should not work in Wisconsin.

I urge support not just for President Obama but for legislators that will truly work for the citizens of this state. Tammy Baldwin and Pat Kreitlow will answer only to the citizens of this state and will work with the president to get the economy moving.

In state government I ask that Dennis Halkoski and Mandy Wright be elected so they can support an agenda that truly represents central Wisconsin. Dennis has spent his life in public service and is a dedicated and honest man that will represent us well. Mandy has spent her life listening, unlike her opponent. I prefer to be listened to rather than talked at.


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