Women for Women

The Women for Women caucus of the Marathon Democratic Party will be inviting Laura Scudiere, the Executive Director of the Bridge Health Care Clinic to speak on local health care policies that impact the under-served in our community including:  AB 311 (which impacts Family Planning), dental policies, budgetary funding for community clinics and Obamacare.

This event hopes to raise some funds for the Bridge Health Care clients who cannot afford the $25 fee. The event also intends to help participants learn to influence key legislation that helps women and families.

Please invite your family and friends. Dessert and coffee/beverages will be served.

Women for Women Event – Speaker, Laura Scudiere, Executive Director of Bridge Health Care Clinic

  • Thursday, November 5, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
  • Marathon Democratic Party Office
  • 833 South 3rd Avenue
  • Wausau, WI

Please take time to RSVP if you can join us!  And send this email on to others!

  • Contact Carolyn Michalski
  • 715-579-1668
  • carolynmichalski@yahoo.com

Solar Energy and Local Government

Doug Stingle, the Development Director of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREW), will be our guest speaker at the next Marathon County Democratic Party Members Meeting on November 19 at 6:00.  He will be speaking about the state of renewable energy in Wisconsin with a specific issue on solar.  It seems that the biggest drivers for solar energy are local government and business. Doug will tell us what we can do to make our community more renewable energy friendly.

November: Thoughts from the Chair

Joyce Leudtke and Karen Graff enjoy Soup-O-Rama 2015.

Joyce Leudtke and Karen Graff enjoy Soup-O-Rama 2015.

By Andy Benedetto


The political landscape sometimes shifts quickly and in unexpected ways. This month Kirk Bangstad suspended his race for the 7th Congressional District. He stopped his campaign in large part because he didn’t believe he could win. He didn’t believe he could win because he didn’t believe he could raise the enormous amounts of cash it takes to be competitive in a gerrymandered district against a Republican opponent awash in outside money.

It is very a sad thought that good people do not run for office at all levels of government because campaigns cost so much to run but that is the reality. Big money grossly distorts the processes of democracy and government. However we all know that behind the corrupt government are the puppet masters with the cash.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party will be casting a broad net to find a candidate to run for the 7th Congressional District. Stay tuned.

Despite this unexpected setback, the Marathon County Democratic Party continues to move forward to build an infrastructure that will support good candidates. On October 1, the Women for Women group hosted an event at the party headquarters that featured Gary Gisselman from the historical society speaking on “Historic Women Who Strengthened Our Community”. Roughly 30 people attended.  Many of those in attendance were not party members and we found that this was a successful way to engage the community. The group is planning another event in November (see the calendar for details).

A second positive surprise was the response to the two “Feingold’s Days of Action.” DPW field staff, Bill Grau led the charge in organizing people to canvass and make phone calls for Russ with pretty amazing results.  Overwhelming respondents supported Russ. And the number of volunteers Bill was able to organize was larger than efforts put together in Madison.

Finally at the end of the month we had room for one more successful event.  The Soup-o-rama included about 45 people who participated in the annual fundraiser for the Marathon County Democratic Party.  The speaker lineup was impressive as Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate, Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg, led the way. The speakers that followed included Dave Obey, Kirk Bangstad, Nancy Stencil, Donna Seidel on behalf of Mandy Wright, and John Robinson.

November Events

Women for Women Event

November 5 at 6pm : Laura Scudiere of Bridge Health Care, Marathon Dem HQ Contact Person:  Carolyn Michalski, (carolnmichalski@yahoo.com)

Executive Committee Meeting

November 12 at 5:30pm

Membership Meeting

November 19 at 6pm

Morning Coffee – November 12 at 7:30am,  Marathon Dem HQ:  Contact Person:  Peter Rotter (peterrotter@gmail.com)

Russ Feingold Fundraiser

Save the date:  December 5, 10:30 to Noon.  The location of the event will be determined.

Kirk Bangstad Suspends Campaign

Late Thursday Kirk Bangstad in a letter to his supporters suspended his campaign for the 7th Congressional District seat.  He didn’t believe he could win because he didn’t believe he could raise the enormous amounts of cash it takes to win in a gerrymandered district against a Republican opponent awash with money raised outside the state.

Kirk then stated that the best way to move forward was through a grass roots effort.  He went on:

Robert LaFollette, the great Wisconsin Progressive, championed the end to corporate campaign contributions at the state level over a hundred years ago at a time when the nation as a whole was rife with corruption and run at the behest of robber barons.  These state laws served as a beacon of light to the rest of the nation to follow suit, and just two years later Congress and President Teddy Roosevelt joined together to ban corporate campaign contributions in federal elections

I will dedicate myself to rooting out big money spent on elections in Wisconsin and the US going forward, and I hope many of you will join me in this fight.

We all wish Kirk well as he makes his future plans.




Embracing Labor and the Working Class

Marathon County Labor Day

By Mary Jarvis

Labor Day is set aside as a tribute to our laborers and the working class.   Laborers have built our country and continue to build and maintain our country no matter what type of labor and no matter the state.

The workplace still demands challenging hard work in changing and courageous ways.  Laborers work hard adapting to the global economy, the changing technology, the specialized knowledge, the continuous need to work with cyberspace, etc.  In fact, many laborers struggle with “leaving work at work.”  Whether laborers are factory workers, engineers, care givers, educators, etc. they must work smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

All workers need to be valued, respected, and treated well.   Safe working conditions, workplace representation, updated trainings, fair compensations, etc.  Workers are the “profit creators” for the company corporation. When workers are treated well, their company does well creating loyal workers reducing turnover and negativity which reduces costly recruiting.

Labor Day is a time to reflect and embrace what “workers” and the working class have done and still do f or America. This is a time to reflect on the importance of respect, community and fairness and its impact on a quality workplace.

We pause to recognize and embrace labor and the working class.  It is an important value for America!