Jim Rosenberg: Weakening the Wausau mayor’s office will leave voters with less power

December 20, the Wausau Daily Herald ran an editorial saying that that Wausau needs to have a debate about the structure of its city government but there has been little public discussion of the referendum to take place April 7 … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Future

Last week I ran into Mary Robinson at a Christmas Party and we got into a conversation about bringing more fun into the Democratic Party. It was an energizing discussion that led to a few thoughts I am offering for your consideration.

Two key ingredients to success are hard work and fun. You know things are going really well when you can’t tell the difference between the two. This past year I became very involved with the Marathon County Democratic Party and feel that I experienced both the hard work as well as the fun. I spent considerable time with Dorothy in the office, Dan putting up signs, and the Writer’s Group. Beyond that I had many more casual experiences with volunteers that reminded me what great friends people become when they share the same ideals and work shoulder to shoulder for a common purpose. Over time I was impressed with everyone’s level of commitment, their willingness to work hard, and the good spirit they brought to their volunteer activity. I came to look upon my volunteer activity for the Democratic Party like going to meet any of my friends to have a good time.

Right now Party is in the process of assessing the result of the last election to get clear ideas about how to proceed. No doubt about it there is a lot to get done.  However, one thing that we need to do and do now is win. Learning to win, building a winning mentality and having confidence in one another is something that can’t wait. We have spring elections coming up and candidates that need our help. Let’s start having fun right now.

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2014 Democratic Campaign Office is Open

The 2014 Democratic Campaign office, located in the Wausau Labor Temple, second floor, at 318 So. Third Ave. is open from 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday and from 9am to noon on Saturdays.

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State of the State Rebuttal

Listen to Gov. Walker’s State of the State message Wednesday night January 22nd 7pm, on public television. We are having a SOS Rebuttal event at the Wausau Labor Temple on Friday, January 24th. Take notes! Contact email marathondems@gmail.com for information on how to attend.

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Office Reopens

The Marathon County Democratic Office in Rm 4 Wausau Labor Temple 318 S. Third Avenue is reopening for the 2014 Campaign Season. At this time staff are there from 9am to noon on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Stop in to see what’s happening. We have issue buttons They’re helpful for starting conversations.

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