by Jeff Johnson For the Wausau Daily Herald
A large group of people from Wausau decides to go to Green Bay for a Packers game. Before they leave they interview two drivers. One insists that he knows the best way to get to Green Bay. The group hires the insistent driver. They get on the bus and head out on Highway 29. As they travel the down the road they see signs that they have passed Marathon, Edgar, Athens and Abbotsford.

They tell the bus driver that they are headed in the wrong direction, but the driver insists that they are on the right path and continues driving west. His co-pilots agree. They check their Kochstar Navigation System and are reassured that they are on the right path. The bus passes signs for Neillsville and Stanley and the passengers revolt and demand that the driver stop the bus.

A governor is elected in Wisconsin on a platform of bringing 250,000 new jobs to the state. He passes sweeping changes with his friendly Senate and Assembly and installs his budget that he claims will help create the much-needed jobs. He claims that his radical changes will lead the state to the growth that he promised. Then, after passing his budget, over a span of six straight months the state loses jobs. Wisconsin is the only state that experiences six months straight of job losses. The rest of the country is adding jobs yet he insists that his plan is working. He takes out ads to convince the public that his radical agenda is leading to growth in spite of all indications that the state is headed in the wrong direction.

We have traveled a long way in the wrong direction. Gov. Scott Walker and his co-pilots like state Sen. Pam Galloway continue to insist that we are going the right direction. This is what the recall elections are about. We need to stop the bus and change drivers and while we’re at it we need to change co-pilots. Recalling the governor and Galloway will not immediately turn us in the right direction. It will ensure that we don’t end up in Minneapolis at a Vikings game, though.

In order to turn the bus around and get going in the right direction, we also need to change the balance of power in the Assembly. This cannot happen until November. In the meantime, we can stop going the wrong way by removing those who have taken us in the wrong direction. We need to replace Galloway with Donna Seidel. She will listen to the constituents of the 29th Senate District. We need to replace the governor with someone who can read a map and take us in the right direction. I am certain that any of the prospective candidates for the governor’s job — with the exception of the incumbent — will help us get back on track.

Jeff Johnson is the chairman of the Marathon County Democratic Party. Learn more at or by calling 715-297-0278.