The Marathon County Democratic campaign headquarters is at 217 Scott St. in Wausau in the Landmark Building next to the Peking Restaurant.  It is open for volunteers from 10am to about 8:30 pm every day.  There are numerous things you can volunteer to do, but the most critical need is for people who can make phone calls and canvas neighborhoods.  There are other things to do, such as: putting yard signs together, entering data, providing foods, and writing post cards.

I you have never “done doors”, canvassing can be daunting.   But people that do it generally prefer it to making calls.  It is the most effective. You are given a list of people to contact.   It is more enjoyable when done in pairs.  If you don’t have a partner one can be arranged for you.  It helps to go out with someone who has canvassed before, but you will be provided with literature to hand out and a script so you know what to say.

Phone calls from real people are much more pleasant & successful than mechanized calls.  You are given a list of people and a script.  People are more likely to be rude by hanging up or saying rude things, but you have the security of not facing them.  The calls help to identify potential voters, resolve issues that they have, and to remind them to vote.

Why not just let everyone vote however they want to and not bother them?  I volunteer because I am concerned that corporations and individuals with big money attempt to determine how people will vote by flooding the air waves with TV commercials.  They say that if you hear a lie often enough you will believe it.  I don’t want my country to be run that way.  I have heard so many voters tell me that they don’t know what to believe, so they won’t vote.  People listen more to other people, especially people from their own community or people they have something in common with. We are tired of harsh TV attack ads.  WE NEED YOU TO TALK WITH PEOPLE ABOUT WHAT YOU BELIEVE.   To volunteer,  call one of the staff at the office to get started or just drop in.  Guthrie, Obama’s staff, is at 1 715 699-9269.    Mike, with the Kreitlow campaign, is at 1 715 252-8780.  I hope to see you there.  If we don’t help we could lose and I think you would not like that.   Dorothy