All elections matter.  ‘Though we are tired of politics we are faced with a clear choice between politicians, and the results of this election will effect us in powerful ways.   So please care enough to vote. 

NOW TILL OCT 17TH  – MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED – Print out your registration form on line and take it to your clerk.To find out whether you are registered to vote go to . You can  check your voter registration status, print out a registration form, find your polling place, see your sample ballot, and request an absentee ballot  (for military and permant overseas voters only).  You will need to take your completed registration form to your clerk in person.   YOU MAY NOT BE REGISTERED IF YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR ADDRESS OR CHANGED YOUR NAME OR HAVE NEVER VOTED BEFORE.  

NOW TILL FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2ND – REGISTER TO VOTE AT YOUR CLERK’S OFFICE.If you are NOT registered, you must  prove you have resided at your address 28 consecutive days before the election.    Items acceptable as proof of residence can be found at  

VOTE EARLY – OCTOBER 22ND  THROUGH  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND You can vote early at your clerk’s office if you want to.  It is also called in-person absentee voting. You can find your clerk at  If you live in a more rural area you may need to contact your clerk to arrange to vote early. 

OCTOBER 22ND THROUGH NOVEMBER 1ST –  VOTE ABSENTEE IF YOU CAN’T VOTE ELECTION DAY The last day to request an absentee ballot from your clerk is Thursday November 1st. The last day for the clerk to receive the absentee ballot is election day.  


NOVEMBER 6TH ELECTION DAY – VOTE & PROVISIONAL VOTINGIf you are registered you will vote as usual. You will need to sign the poll book. If you are not registered and have your proof of residence and ID as required you can register at the polls and vote.  If you are not registered and have proof of residence as required but not adequate identification, you may vote provisionally and then have until Friday Nov. 9th to provide the rest.

VOTE THE WHOLE BALLOT!!!!! You can no longer just check Democrat at the top of the ballot.  You need to make a selection for each position.  We hope you will vote for Obama/Biden, Tammy Baldwin, Pat Kreitlow; and your Democratic Assembly candidate, Wright, Halkoski, Knoff, Riley, or Sommer. Please share this information with anyone you know who may need it.   

To volunteer to help with the Democratic campaign, come to 217 Scott St. Wausau (the Landmark Building next to the Peking, about a block from the mall and library), or call Guthrie at 715-699-9269. We also have yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons and information about the Democratic candidates available. To join the party go to   State and county membership are combined.