Mike Tate was re-elected Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Our neighbor in Merrill, Melissa Schroeder, was re-elected 1st Vice Chair.  Jeff Christensen, elected 2nd Vice Chair, is the brother of the officer that was beaten so badly in our jail.  He wants to help with our county elections. Rick and Joyce Lohr’s daughter, Tonya, was elected Vice Chair of the state-wide County Chairs Association.  Nancy Stencil, unfortunately, was defeated in the election for Vice Chair of the Women’s Caucus, but remains our representative. Nate Timm, who some of you know as a grassroots organizer, was elected Chair of the Rural Caucus.  Rick St Germain, of the Native American Caucus, invited us to come as a group to visit the Penokee Hills settlement they’ve established.  A road trip may be in order if there is interest.  All of our resolutions were passed. There also was an interesting one passed that supported the “right to die”.  The Convention next year will be in Wisconsin Dells.  We’ll have more information from the delegates at the June 20th meeting.