Spring is a time of renewal and our Executive Committee is working on our yearly fundraising. Two words come to mind for me; responsibility and opportunity. Thinking more concrete, we have the responsibility of paying the rent, phones, and internet in our office. On the other hand, our office provides us with so many opportunities to grow as a County Party. This last weekend we hosted the class of Emerge Wisconsin 2017. I look back when Mandy Wright and myself were in the class of 2012. I may be a little biased; but we had the best class! We turned out LaTonya Johnson, Tanya Lohr, Melissa Sargent, Mandy and myself to name a few.

Looking at responsibility and opportunity more abstract, as Democrats we have the shared responsibility of taking care of each other. Two weeks before the election I can remember hearing on the news how Republicans were washed up; their party was failing. Two weeks after the election I would hear how Democrats were done. Are you going to cower and listen to that? Are you going to stand tight lipped when the GOP tells you to shut up? It is our responsibility as Democrats to stand up to injustice, to fight for issues that help everyone, and to support and embrace diversity. It is our responsibility as Democrats to take that message and write it to your local newspapers, to call your elected officials and voice your opinion, let them know you are watching. Take that message to the streets as a means of educating others. Our county party office has been the sight of a flurry of activity such as calling elected officials to the sign making that surrounds the many issues we take on. We also need to staff our office!

As your County Party Chair, I want to make sure you have opportunities at every corner. We have a wonderful party full of new progressive people who are willing to take on challenges. They are energized, full of ideas, and will jump in at a moment’s notice. We also have our life long retired Democrats with a wealth of experience for us to draw from. Where we have been helps to give us that direction. Together we need to push the party back a little more to the left. Watch your emails for upcoming events. Enjoy the warmer weather and ….Stand up and be counted!