There is so much happening on the national level that it just boggles the mind. Between the situation with North Korea; to the recent tragedy in Virginia, it leaves us feeling helpless. Look inward to where you can make a difference. Maybe you attended the candlelight vigil on the 400 Block on August 13th. Be involved.
Our local Dems and Friends have been out in our community this summer. We have had a strong presence and we are having fun doing it! Hopefully you had a chance to visit us at the fair. We had a beautifully decorated double booth this year. Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Wonder Woman were all there for picture taking! Our booth was much nicer than the Republican booth that had an elephant wearing a Trump hat. Certainly, that qualifies for animal abuse! We had a hard-working team that created tri-fold issue boards. People noticed and people commented on how informative our booth was. What’s even better is that as new information becomes available, we can swap it out on our boards. These boards are designed to go anywhere we go!
Some special thanks go to Ka Lo for securing us a spot at the first annual Hmong Festival. Our Dems were there with a screen tent, complete with a sofa to sit down and talk about issues! Again, our issue boards were there!
Did you attend the UNITY Concert on the 400 Block August 4th? Many Dems and Friends helped to make this happen. We voiced our opinion that there is no place for racism, homophobia, or misogyny in our community. What better way to spent time with friends and promote peace and love!
Progressive Dems and Friends have been closely following the Thomas Street projects and have shown up voice their opinion against the expansion. This next phase from First Avenue to Grand will destroy more homes. This is tax revenue your city is losing. There are many dangers due to contaminated soil being stirred up from the old factories that were there. Finally, there is no plan of replacing the bridge. It will remain two lanes according to the DOT.
If you haven’t been involved this summer, there are plenty of up-coming events. Join us for the Labor Day Parade! We will have a float! The Dems along with Marathon County Central Labor Council, will have a booth set up on Labor History. This will include some of our message boards on student debt, unions, and Health care. Be involved. Hoping to see you there!