Wasn’t that a great Labor Day Parade!!! We are so thankful to the Soczka’s and their beautiful wagon. The Dems have really stood out in the parades this year because of it. Thank you everyone who came out and rode or walked. Now Fall is upon us with beautiful colors, the smell of autumn leaves and apples; and of course, football! As the cooler temperatures prevail, we hope that you will come out and join us for some more fun activities.
Our fall “Souperama” will be happening at the end of October; so, watch for details. We have some great speakers lined up, a silent auction and of course, you will have your chance to vote on the soup you liked best. Is there a craft that you are good at? Contact us if you have something you would like a donate with a starting bid.
We hope you will join us as we partner with NAOMI and Citizen Action to canvass Rib Mountain on the 14th of October. We will be promoting the Metro Ride. Rib Mountain has many businesses along with the DMV for voter registration that people cannot access without a car. To quote Kathy Zoern, who serves on the Metro board, “You are only one accident, one life changing event from needing the bus.” Again, watch for details.
We’ve never seen so many great candidates for Governor. We have already started having Meet and Greets and I hope you have had the chance to attend. We want you have an opportunity to meet them all and make your informed decision on who you feel will serve us best.
Our candidate committee has been seeking input for spring elections. Nomination papers will be out in a few short months. Do you know of someone who is thinking of running for County Board? Maybe you yourself are thinking about it, step forward, take that leap! The Dems will have your back and connect you to all the resources you need.
As always, there is no better time to be involved. Happy Fall!