By the time you read this, our spring elections will be over. I am currently sitting in anticipation of how the election will turn out. Never before have the Marathon County Dems been so involved in the spring races. We held the $18 for 2018 and you had the opportunity to meet and listen to the candidates. Many of you stepped up to help candidates do doors. There were several “Candidate Coffees,” giving our candidates the chance to let us know how things were going and what they needed. F.A.W.N. (Forward Action Women’s Network) also made calls to re-register voters who had fallen off. This is how we win elections and these experiences will carry us into the fall elections as well! Many of you continue to stay on top of the issues and show up with your voices where it’s needed. The Marathon County Dems and Friends have packed City Hall a number of times on the Thomas Street project. You have shown your face twice on mining meetings that have lasted many hours, stepping up to that microphone and telling your story. You have marched along with tens of thousands of people in the March for Our Lives. You have rallied with Citizen Action on Health Care and packed the Rib Mountain Town Hall; telling them to take the big money out of politics. Several of you have taken on the challenge of being poll workers and a few of you have expressed interest in writing referendums. Win or lose come Tuesday, ALL of our candidates have done an outstanding job! I won’t name all of you for fear of forgetting someone; however, to top it off, we have nine women competing for eleven open seats on the county board. We have 6 women running for City Council and four women running for school board. Marathon County Dems and Friends, I could not be more proud of how many candidates we have running! Win or lose, we are here to stay! ~Nancy