December Notes from the Chair

Thank you for electing me to be your new Chair of the Marathon County Dems!

The fall elections are over. We certainly did not get the outcomes that we worked hard for. Yes, it is discouraging. If you are like me, you are tired of losing. Keep in mind, the fight is far from over. It is easy to say Democrats are not good listeners and that we should have seen this coming. I prefer to think that far too many people would rather take words at face value and not do the research. Believing in the magic belongs in our holiday season, not our politics. We must remain committed to working on what we value: public education, good jobs, health care, equality for all, and our environment; to name a few.

Shortly after we were elected, Nancy Fisker (first chair), Kody Hart (second chair) and I met and talked about goal setting; we decided that going forward we will be inclusive and keep strong communication with our party members. We have exciting events in the works; so stay tuned!

We have many committees already in progress that you can join. We will get them listed and you can sign up if you choose. In the upcoming months, we hope to add more committees. We want your voice to be heard. We hope you will find your niche! Help make the Marathon Dems and Friends the strongest and best group out there.

Above all, please come; be engaged in the spirit of friendship and shared values!

Yours in the fight,

~Nancy Stencil

November Notes From the Chair

AndyBenedettoWe’re in the final stretch of what seems like a very long election cycle. With Election Day in sight, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

First, we have to finish strong. When you receive this Newsletter, there will be very little time left in the campaigns, but it is a crucial time, so dedicate yourself to reenergizing, recommitting, and finishing the job.

Second, there are plenty of activities and events in the days ahead. Some of these are campaign-related, but there are two that I want to highlight that are Marathon County Democratic Party-related. There will be an Election Night Watch Party on November 8th at Sconnie’s starting at 7. The large Northwest room is reserved for us. Please show up to have some fun.

The other event is our November Membership Meeting on the 17th. This is an important one as we will be nominating and electing our leaders for the next two years.

Finally, it’s worth keeping in mind that elections are just a pause in the political process. Regardless of outcome, the same things that we were organizing and working for before the election need to continue to be fought for after the election. Nothing is ever settled—not civil rights, not peace, not women’s rights, not environmental justice, not racial justice—everything must be committed toover and over, generation to generation. This is our continued fight.

April Event Calendar

Monday, April 4
Women for Women phone bank at Bremer Law Office
5:30-8:00 pm. Calls made for Judge Kloppenburg

Friday, April 1 through Monday, April 4
GOTV phone banks – call office for details

Saturday, April 2
Grassroots Festival
Mazomanie, WI
(608)-220-0139 or

Tuesday, April 5
Election day. Polls open from 7 am to 8 pm

Tuesday, April 5
Drinking Liberally at Malarkey’s
5:30- 7:00 pm

Thursday, April 14
Executive Committee Meeting at office, 5:30

Sunday, April 17
Marathon County District Caucus at office, 1:00

Thursday, April 21
Marathon County Democratic Party Membership Meeting at office 6:00

April Notes from the Chair

AndyBenedettoWith another important election upon us it is time to get up, get out and get active. During the next two weeks there will be many opportunities to exercise your political muscles. Pulling levers, walking through neighborhoods, making telephone calls, sticking signs in front yard and writing checks are all light aerobics that every member of the party will have an opportunity to participate in.

At this writing I have already witnessed Bernie supporters jumping up and down in front of the courthouse, Mandy Wright supporters spreading literature throughout the 85th Assembly District and phone banks being activated for many candidates that include Theresa Miles, Jane Rusch, and Mary Thao. Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg had a very successful fundraiser at Jalapenos that attracted a large group of supporters. The Hillary campaign opened a field office for the April 5 primary on the second floor of the same building as the Marathon County Democratic Party Headquarters.

All of this is prelude for getting out and voting on APRIL 5. This election will be big in choosing local and state leaders will be selected and Wisconsin’s Democratic nominee for president will be selected. But all Democrats should be aware that political action does not end April 5. There will be a Marathon County Democratic Caucus on April 17 at the office. If anyone wants to be a delegate they need to show up at the office between 1:00 and 2:00 to register. At 2:00 the caucus will start. So if you are a supporter of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton and would like to participate in the delegate process you are invited and welcome to come.

The order of business for the caucus will include the election of the allocated number of delegates base on presidential candidate 2016 primary performance;

Once the April 5 elections are complete and after the Marathon County Democratic Party April 17 caucus takes place, please plan on coming to the Marathon County Membership meeting on April 21. From now until November, the important task of electing Assemblypersons, a U. S. Congressman, a U. S. Senator, and a President are in front of us. This will require time, effort, and hard work from all of us.

Let’s go!

Wisconsin Gets the Spotlight

Hillary ClintonDuring the last few weeks we have received many requests for Bernie and Hillary signs. At the last party meeting many of the people attending wanted to go home with yard signs but we had none to give them. Despite it being March 17 with the primary less than three weeks away, neither campaign had contacted us to distribute signs or literature. This left many local members wondering when things would get started.

The simple explanation is that both campaigns were preoccupied with three primaries and three caucuses on the West Coast that were taking place before Wisconsin’s April 5 primary. Three weeks before the election and little was going on locally.

Bernie SandersWisconsinites patiently watched as Iowa and New Hampshire primaries dominated television coverage months in advance. It seemed the coverage was endless. Contradictory polls from obscure polling sources were reported ad infinitum. National news teams occupied every coffee shop and bar in the early states and tediously interviewed almost everyone in the state.

So what about Wisconsin?

We can expect things to change quickly all over the state. By the time this newsletter gets in your hands things will be in high gear.

The day after the last primary election in Idaho, Utah and Arizona, on Tuesday March 22, the Sanders supporters who had been active locally for some time exploded on social media. The Clinton Campaign rented space in Wausau. Both candidates announced visits to Wisconsin and the media started focusing on Wisconsin.

It is our turn. We have two great candidates waging a battle on issues. We need to show the nation how deeply we care about our country’s future by working together to make the changes this country so desperately needs.

How To Write a Resolution

Invitation to Write Resolutions to be considered at the Seventh Congressional District Democratic Party Convention, April 22nd, 2016 – to be voted on at March 27th Marathon Co Dems Meeting

Resolutions are statements of what the government should do. They are used to develop both the state and national Democratic Platforms. Resolutions cannot exceed 100 words. Resolutions will be grouped in four categories:
Please use the following format as shown:

Provide an Appropriate Title for your Resolution (County – number of words)

WHEREAS,(may use multiple wherases) …….; and,

Individuals or groups may develop resolutions. Please submit them to Dorothy Miller at by March 14th. If they do not fit the format they will be modified.